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Student says concealed firearm is like a cell phone

March 11, 2011 Commentary Print Print

Most Americans see a cell phone as a lifeline; we don’t go anywhere without it and some of us feel lost if we don’t have a cell phone within arm’s reach.

Having a concealed firearm on campus is like a phone to some of us.

I don’t go anywhere without at least one gun on my person, sometimes even two, depending on what side of town I am going to and what time of day it is.

I don’t go out looking for trouble and the majority of conceal carry holders don’t go out and play police officer.

If an incident were to happen on campus, there are too many students and school officials who are scared that police officers won’t be able to distinguish who is “friend” and who is “foe.”

If the lockdown system works like it should, then the “friends” should not be running around the campus trying to find the “shooter.”

That’s the job of the armed security guards the college pays good money for and who are in appropriate uniform.

Students with their conceal carry firearm should be locked in a classroom like the rest of the students on campus.

The only difference now is that, if a shooter did get to a classroom on campus, any student that has a conceal carry firearm in the classroom could at least [fend] off the shooter until help arrived.

Would that student start shooting at the suspect? No, because in a lockdown situation you are supposed to remain quiet so that no one knows that you are there.

The active shooter will just move on. Crisis diverted.

In this situation people are correct; it will be hard for law enforcement to tell who is “friend” or who is “foe.”

I would rather have local law enforcement subdue both parties, put them both in handcuffs, and take control of the situation.

The law enforcement officers will then have a chance to work out the details and release the students who were defending themselves.

I would rather have our local law enforcement officers work for their pay and have to do some detective work than to have a fellow student be killed because some deranged student is mad he got a B when he thought he deserved an A.

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