Student laments loss of ‘wonderful’ science professor

January 14, 2011 Commentary Print Print

To the editor:

One of my former professors will no longer be teaching regular classes here at OCCC.

I am referring to Professor Virginia Hovda, whom I had for General Biology [in the fall] semester.

Mrs. Hovda will not be teaching regular classes any longer.

From what I have been told, she will be teaching two online classes [during the spring] semester as well as being retained for the position of Lab Supervisor.


I was told this was to reflect the needs of the school and of Mrs. Hovda.

I believe that she is one of the best science teachers here at our school and I am concerned with the loss of her.

She had been teaching for around 20 years, and is a wonderful teacher.

She has very unique ways of explaining ideas that could be very complex and confusing normally, and just does such an amazing job.

This is a teacher who has not canceled a single class all semester, hasn’t made any of us wait on anything, is very organized with information and actually makes the class one you want to attend — and it’s science!

It’s very disturbing to me that we are losing such a wonderful teacher, but I also would like to see this brought to the school’s attention.

I know I am not the only student whom has enjoyed her class — just by checking you can tell she is a good professor.

I can’t say I am convinced that those of authority are putting the school’s best interest first here.

Its a complete shame other students will not get the chance to learn from her in a classroom.

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