Student happy he made the choice to attend OCCC

To the Editor:

I am writing this in regards to the lettter to the editor about disabilities not always being apparent.

I too, have seen people with disabilities often made fun of.

I have a mental and learning disability (and) for years people said I could not do anything.


I believed them (and) I could not … be happy. For years it went on like this.

Then I felt sad about it. I went to church. I had to do something like volunteer at a nursing home or a food bank.

(When I) moved back from Arkansas … my brother passed away. Then there was this woman who told me she was coming to OCCC. … I thought maybe I should check out OCCC.

Well, the woman decided she did not want to come but as for me, I wanted to check out OCCC to see if this was the place for me.

I fell in love with the campus so I decided to enroll.

The people from Student Life were wonderful and kind.

I am taking College Reading and Writing I, (and) also Success in College and Life.

Also (I) am taking College Prep Math I.

All three of my teachers are wonderful — even Mrs. French in Student Support is helping too. My math teacher is always telling me, ‘keep fighting.’

My professor in College and Life is working with me just about every week. My reading and writing teacher is helping too. The people in the Pioneer newspaper are great too.

I’d like to give thanks (to) the president, the professors, Student Life, Student Support and all the other people who work here at OCCC, [as well as] the editor whom I’d like to meet some day.

My heart goes out to everyone and all the students here at OCCC. Thank you all.

—Ricky Walker

OCCC Student

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