Student editor sets out on new journey

April 17, 2013 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff Print Print

As a student, I’ve faced many bumps in the road and moments in which I felt unsure about my future or my career. It’s easy to get discouraged. However, Those who keep up their effort and determination, can reap wonders.

I say this because through my hard work and determination I have been able to obtain a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — working in Washington D.C. for the Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. I will be there for two months. Considering that I’ve never been on a plane or subway system before, going from Oklahoma to a highly political environment such as Washington, this is going to be a huge culture shock. It’ll take some getting used to but it is sure to be a fun, rewarding experience that will not only be enjoyable but will open up doors and allow me to network while gaining valuable experience that will help me in my career.

I leave May 29 and will be blogging here throughout my experience. I hope to inspire and encourage students to always set high goals and reach for more than what they expect. Until then, I inspire students to go apply for internships and other work opportunities.

You never know what is possible.

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