Student by day, hip hop DJ by night

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Dee Dymond

In 2001, Oklahoma’s first and only African-American radio station, KVSP Power Jammin’, added a new flavor of female DJs that includes OCCC’s own Dee Dymond.

Dymond is one of three of Oklahoma’s first female hip hop radio DJs, working alongside top names such as Vana Lucci and Karo.

Her life is a busy one. From DJing to running a non-profit, Dymond stays on top of the game.

“I want to do all that I can to make things better for Oklahoma entertainers, while helping others in the community as well,” she said.


She has worked for the Perry Broadcasting Company for a total of five years — two at 1140 AM and three at 103.5 FM.

In a field still mainly dominated by men, Dymond stands out among many as not only a hip hop-loving DJ, but also as an all around go getter.

Dymond said she writes and consults for the Local Heat-Urban News and Entertainment Magazine.

“We bring together different affiliates of talent, including rappers, singers, producers, graphic designers, and we also do media consulting and promotions as well,” she said.

Dymond also is affiliated with the Power Group, a local establishment that represents local artists such as Kurt Dogg, Mista Cain and Tramee.

In addition, Dymond has a company called Rising Sun Consulting and Media Services.

“I specialize in offering media services to small businesses, independents and non-profit organizations,” she said.

If that weren’t enough to keep Dymond busy, she said she has a hand in several other projects as well.

She and several other women run a non-profit organization called the Rare Rose Society.

“In this organization we serve the community by planning fundraisers for worthy causes such as breast cancer awareness,” Dymond said.

The Rare Rose Society recently hosted a “Think Pink-Eggs and Issues” brunch.

“I was proud to be a part of this special event,” she said. “It was held at Cafe Nova to honor survivors of breast cancer.”

Dymond is currently working toward a degree in Graphic Communications.

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