Student appalled at defacement of political ad

To the editor:

On the Office of Student Life Election Information board, the Lt. Governor Jari Askins photograph was defaced.

The photograph was later removed and replaced with a new one.

Upon hearing about this, though, I have to ask myself if this is what the Republican Party has come to.

Disagreeing with someone about ideologies and ideas is one thing. But defacing their photograph because of those disagreements is something else entirely.

Lt. Governor Askins has given her life to service of the state of Oklahoma.

She served as a Judge, the first female leader of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. She was the first female [lieutenant governor] of Oklahoma.

Now, she has a real chance to be the first female governor of this state.

Defacing the photograph of any person, and especially one who has served Oklahoma well for many years, is a childish act and has no place in a college.

I disagree with Congresswoman Fallin on most issues; however, I would never deface her photograph.

I leave acts like that to elementary school students who don’t understand the concepts of respect that should drive our country and our political debates.

Remember, fear and hate are loud, but hope and love are quiet and infinitely more powerful.

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