Strong: an app with muscle

If you are looking for an app to track your progress in the weight room, try the ‘Strong’ app for the iphone.

strong app iconThere are tons of fitness apps out there. It seems like they all claim to be the best, the greatest, the only fitness app you will ever need, when really they do a lot of different things that will be more or less useful depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

A lot of people use apps like MyFitnessPal, and it is just about the best app for diet tracking and calorie counting. It it is not very useful for anything else though.

There are lots of other apps, too many to name, that will track how many steps you take each day, or how far and how fast you ran, monitor your heart rate, etc. If you are doing resistance training though, none of these apps is going to help you very much.

Strong is great for bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters or just the ordinary person who primarily uses weights to exercise.

The best thing about the app is its simplicity. It’s easy to create a profile and enter in workout plans that you can save and use over and over.

It’s easy to add exercises to a workout from the apps predefined list, or add new custom exercises defined by the user. Just pick the exercise and set the weight, number of sets and number of repetitions.

When doing a workout, it is easy to change the exercises on the spot. Weight and reps can easily be changed each set, and it’s easy to add or take away sets. There are other apps that will let you pick exercises and create workouts, but most of them do not offer this kind of precise control.

The only caveat with this apps is that it is only a tracking tool. You won’t find the exercise instructions and anatomy guides present in some apps.

For those with a little experience, this actually helps streamline things. There are no distractions, and the graphs and charts of progress are really useful.

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