Starbucks’ new blonde roast ‘mellow’

Starbucks recently re-categorized the roasts of coffee: dark roast, medium roast, and introducing blonde roast.

The blonde roast is Starbuck’s lightest coffee roast yet. There are two variations of the blonde roast, Veranda and Willow.

Both variations are light, but the tasting notes are completely different.

Veranda is created from Latin American coffee beans. It is described as soft and mellow, but many flavors are expressed on the palate.

When I tasted the Veranda I got a rush of nutty cocoa flavors. After the rush I tasted a small amount of blossom or a slightly sweet flavor with a touch of a toasted flavor.

I am more surprised at how light the coffee is but posseses such flavor.

Willow, the other blonde roasted coffee, is on the other end of the spectrum by my tastes.

Willow is a multi-region coffee, created from Latin American and East African beans. Willow is described as bright and clean, which I found to be accurate.

As I smelled the Willow I could detect the citrus notes and a bit of sweetness in the coffee. I took the first slurp and the coffee sparkled on my tongue. I tasted lemon and hints of sweetness. The body of the coffee is a medium acidity.

The Willow has far more character than the Veranda.

The blonde roast coffees are tasty and delicious and can please anyone looking for a light roast coffee.

I enjoy the complexity of the Willow, especially the notes of lemon tangled with a hint of sweetness.

Overall, the introduction of the Blonde Roast coffees by Starbucks is wonderful.

Now there is something for everyone and every mood.

Rating: A+

—Emily Schorr

Staff Writer

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