Stanley Named Pioneer Editor, Melher Heads to UCO

May 9, 2018 Campus Community, Community, Former Pioneer Staff, Latest, Pioneer Print Print

Sean Stanley, a journalism student at OCCC, has been named editor of the Pioneer, the student newspaper, for the summer and fall 2018 semesters.

Stanley decided to become editor to implement some changes.

“The biggest thing I hope to accomplish as editor is to make the paper a bigger entity at OCCC,” Stanley said, “I want us to find the balance in covering nationwide stories and staying involved in the OKC and OCCC community.”

Stanley hopes his past experiences will help keep him keep an open mind and be a strong leader.

The main thing Stanley wants his staff to know is he will have their back, stand behind their stories, and keep the paper’s standards high. As for his readers, they need to know that he simply wants to tell their stories.

“I want us to tell stories other media outlets miss,” he said. “If students or faculty think we are missing something, come to me and tell me what you would like to see.”

While we welcome Stanley as the new editor, we are also saying our goodbyes to former editor, Savannah Melher.

Melher is transferring to the University of Central Oklahoma to receive her bachelor’s degree in mass communications, then will pursue law school to become a civil rights attorney. Melher will continue writing as a staff writer for the UCO’s newspaper.

Melher’s experience at the Pioneer was “bittersweet.” Melher said the position was a challenge. She said continuing to learn and having the opportunity to be a leader has been sweet. She said the position has helped to prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

“I did my best,” Melher said, “and I really appreciate the work everyone did.”


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