Spring Break opens possibilities

With Spring Break fast approaching next week, I feel like a kid again: antsy, edgy and full of anticipation for an entire week out of school.

I know it sounds silly, especially if you consider that since we are all adults and as such, we will not get to spend the week living responsibility-free, as we once did as children.

Life will not stop coming at us and the days will certainly not slow down.

Most of us will probably spend the week writing papers that are due the following week, putting in extra hours at work or knocking a few things off the perpetual To Do list. No matter how you intend to spend your break, there is a child-like feeling of euphoria that comes with just the mention of Spring Break.

Perhaps it is just the word break, perhaps it is the optimism that naturally accompanies the spring season, perhaps it is merely the response we have been trained to have, no better than Pavlov’s dog. Whatever it is, I am greatly anticipating the freedom that comes with next week.

I will hopefully get to use my time to clear off the DVR, finish up a house renovation project or two and spend some quality time with my wife and kids, who will also be on break.

So whether you choose to use the week to catch up on your laundry or spend the week wearing the same set of laundry, be sure to enjoy it.

We’ll start counting down the days until summer all too soon!

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