SongPop a great musical test game

Think you are a master song whiz? SongPop will test that knowledge.

A free app that can be downloaded for iPhone or Android or played on your desktop computer, SongPop is a fun way to challenge your friends on songs from all decades.

Users can find opponents by connecting to their Facebook account and challenging friends or they can choose a random opponent.

Once a game has been started, users have four categories of music to choose from in which to challenge their opponent. After a category has been selected, a three-second countdown will occur and the first song is played. The song is played at a random spot in the tune and users must pick the correct answer from four choices. The choices will be either artists’ names or song titles.

Users can take as much time as they need to pick a song. Once an answer has been clicked, the game will automatically let players know if they got it right or wrong.

Once they have gone through five songs, a list of songs that were played will pop up, allowing players to see what they missed or got right, as well as how long it took them to answer. The game will then be sent to the opponent who will guess the same songs.

The opponent will then choose a playlist, guess the songs and send it back to the first player. Each round, the player with the most points wins three coins and the loser receives one. Coins can be saved up to buy extra playlists outside of the ones that come with the game.

At the end of the week, scores are added up and the game will inform players which opponents they beat and which opponents scored more points than they. Players are then given coins for each opponent they beat. The scoreboard is then reset for the upcoming week.

SongPop is a game that truly tests your song knowledge and speed. It is a fun way to kill a few minutes of free time, discover new songs and brag about your musical wisdom.

I like that while you can choose to spend money to buy new playlists, the coins you receive from playing the game also give you a chance to buy playlists without ever spending a dime.

There also are hundreds of playlists to choose from, some from categories I have never heard of.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who loves music. There is definitely something for everybody with SongPop.

Rating: A

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