Smoker cuts back on habit with eGo

I’ve been a smoker for more than 10 years, at a pack per day. I recently decided to start down the path of quitting smoking, and start using a personal vaporizer or e-cigar.

One of my friends let me use his e-cig, and I enjoyed the experience immensely, and proceeded to order one for myself.

The eGo-T type B I got has a larger tank that holds two milliliter of liquid, as opposed to one milliliter for the type A, so it lasts twice as long.

The tank tip is incredible as well, as it lets users fill it with whatever flavor of “smoke juice” they want.

“Smoke juice” is simply flavoring, nicotine and vegetable glycerine, so the only thing you get that isn’t really good for you is nicotine. This of course is a step up from “analog” (regular) cigarettes which have tons of bad stuff in them.

The batteries in the e-cigs last ages as well. I’ve gone two days of use without having charged them, but my friend says they last four days without needing a recharge.

The atomizers are a little tricky though. Other reviews say they only last a week, but I haven’t needed to replace one yet. The type B tanks cost $16, and the type A tanks cost around $9.

Now for what’s really important: vapor quality.

The vapor is thick when the fluid uses vegetable glycerine. Most of the time when I use my eGo it feels like I’m smoking a cigar with how much vapor a 3- to 4-second draw releases.

I’ve been enjoying the eGo.It’s helped me cut my cigarette consumption by two packs per week and that’s just the beginning. With all the flavors and flavor combinations, you could vape all you want, and never get bored with the flavors.

Rating: A

—Robert Bolton

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