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In an effort to have less cancer and more birthdays in the world, people will get a chance to clear the air. On Nov. 17 the American Cancer Society is hosting the Great American Smokeout.

The Great American Smokeout is a non-smoking day to promote healthier lifestyles.

The object behind the Smokeout is to help smokers quit if for only a day, giving them courage to know that a person can quit, according to

Carol Jones, nursing major,said she leaves campus to smoke her cigarettes.


“I think the Great America Smokeout is a good thing, because it will be giving people the chance to quit,” she said.

Jones said she believes quitting is not for everyone, and when a smoker is ready to quit, they are ready.

Until that point it is a waste of time trying to quit if a person doesn’t really want to.

Jones said she thinks there should be a smoking section on campus that smokers can go to “handle their business.”

Where can I get help?

A variety of information can help a person quit smoking.
Helping the nation quit.
Helping women who are pregnant quit.
An application that goes with a person to assist every step of the way.

1-800-QUIT-NOW a free phone based service with educational materials and coaches to assist in helping someone quit smoking or smokeless tobacco.
A downloadable booklet to assist in the success of quitting smoking.
A FDA approved products to help a person quit smoking. to assist military and their families in quitting tobacco products.
A fact sheet from the national cancer institute.

A quick guide to quitting.
The Surgeon General website.


“It would be so much easier than going off campus.” she said.

“I enjoy smoking and I will not be participating in the Smokeout,” Jones said.

According to The American Cancer Society website, this event is helping smokers take a step in a healthier direction.

The Smokeout is a way for smokers to get the help that is needed to quit cigarettes.

Linda Cowan, OCCC nursing professor, said having been a previous smoker she knows the troubles with trying to quit.

“I don’t think anything can stop a person from smoking,” Cowan said. “It must come within.”

Cowan said she is going to participate by not smoking and by encouraging her students to do the same.

“(The Great American Smokeout) probably brings awareness, and helps people think about quitting,” Cowan said.

OCCC is not officially taking part in the Great American Smokeout, but unofficially the college has already taken a stand by making the campus completely smoke free.

Student Kayla Parmalee said she might give the Smokeout a try, but can’t say for sure.

“The campaign has put the thought in my head [to quit],” Parmalee said.

“I might participate for the day, but I don’t see anything long term.”

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