Shoutout to Putin – Grant Swalwell

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Despite my therapist threatening to have me committed if I don’t lay off the news, I cannot keep myself away from the recent developments in Syria.

The refugee crisis in Europe has now reached a point where their scaredy-cat politicians cannot ignore the problem, due mostly to Syria reaching a point where people have nothing left to go back to.

Four years of brutal proxy war has put more supplies, volunteers and funding into the civil war than the population can sustain.

Turkey, Iran, the Saudis, and the six other countries making moves in Syria have bled the country white.

Russian President Valdimir Putin

“Vladimir Putin 12023 (cropped)” by

Now the Russians are trying to move in for an endgame, one seemingly where Assad steps down and Russia has sway with the government that follows.

Notice the lack of complaints from our government because, at this point, everybody wants it to end.

There is no more Syria. The Syria from before the war is gone and we still don’t even know what will lie in its place.

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