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“One for One” is a phrase that captured the hearts of many in 2006 when TOMS was first launched. Six years later, those hearts remain captured.

TOMS is a company that designs and sells products such as apparel, eyewear and other accessories. The most popular of the company’s products, however, are its shoes.

Why bring up the topic now? In all honesty, this writer got her first pair a mere few weeks ago – size 6 ½ Black Crochet Women’s Classics. They were tricky to locate because of their popular demand, but it was love at first sight.

Inspired by the simple yet traditional Argentine alpargata, TOMS shoes are often casually flat. Their seemingly effortless appearance and absolute comfort make them perfect for just about anyone, anyday.

With women, men, youth and tiny TOMS, there’s an ensemble of looks bound to satisfy all sorts of likings and occasions. Collections also include boots, wedges, vegan and even wedding-styled shoes, plus much more.

You’re probably thinking, “Another girl obsessing over shoes … Typical.”

They’re more than just that, though. TOMS shoes change lives. With every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need. Hundreds of thousands of new shoes have already been handed out, not only nationally but worldwide. Children who have never had the option to not go barefoot, now do.

It’s the ultimate feel-good buy as it will comfort both your feet and your heart — from soles to souls.

Pricing ranges about anywhere from $30 to $80, plus or minus some depending on its type. A lot of people find the higher figures off-putting.

However, it doesn’t take long to realize that you aren’t only buying one pair of new shoes just for you but that you are also buying a pair of new shoes for a child who hasn’t owned any before. Then, suddenly, it’s anything but off-putting. One purchase results in at least two smiles, guaranteed.

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Rating: A+

—Nadia J. Enchassi

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