Sexual assault reported to campus cops

Campus police received a report on Friday, April 26, that a woman, 19, had been sexually assaulted on campus about two months prior.

According to the report, the woman’s brother came to campus police, telling them the assault had occurred. The man said he had just found out the news that morning. He said he tried to get his sister to report the assault but she declined, asking him to report it for her instead.

The man told campus police his sister did not know which parking lot she was in when the alleged attack took place. The victim also told her brother she could not give the attacker’s description because she had kept her eyes closed as it was happening.

According to the man, his sister was not raped.

Campus police asked the man to encourage his sister to file a report with their office so they could take steps to identify the attacker and prevent other such incidents on campus.

He also was advised to encourage his sister to seek counseling.

Both the man and his sister declined comment at this time.

The Pioneer will update this story as details are available.

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