Series shows process of creations

I recently started watching “How It’s Made” on Netflix after not having seen it for several years due to it moving channels. I forgot how much fun the show is.

“How It’s Made” is a Canadian program that premiers on the Discovery Science Channel. I used to watch it on the Discovery Channel and loved it when I had time to watch television.

The program shows the minute details of how the stuff you take for granted is made, such as the fridge in the kitchen, the mats in your car, and the hearing aids your parents or grandparents use.


I find it interesting to see how all the stuff we use is created. They show the machines that are used, as well as the raw materials and all of the processes involved.

The show doesn’t show much human interaction if it can be helped, and it is even rarer to see the faces of the workers on the show.

“How It’s Made” has been running since 2001 and has had 18 seasons.

At 234 episodes with four products each, 936 separate products have been elaborated on.

Each product has its own unique and very bad pun which made my mother and me groan about every time we watch an episode. And every product comes with statistics about the specifics, such as how long it took to produce the product, and how many are created, while not showing every aspect in order to protect company secrets that make each company unique.

The show makes me think a little about the stuff I own and how much trouble it is to actually make it.

I would recommend this program for families as well as people who like science. It’s educational, and gives insight into the various jobs that are out there.

The program can be watched on Netflix and the Discovery Science Channel.

Rating: A

—Robert Bolton

Online Writer

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