Sen. Brecheen says critics are misled about SB 554

March 5, 2011 Commentary Print Print

To the Editor:

Legislators have a responsibility to ensure state supported classroom instruction is factual so, concerning evolution, with the fossil record lacking phylum-level transitional forms, and understanding how this relates to Darwin’s theory, we must fully educate using all confirmed scientific discoveries.

Both Louisiana and Texas actions are constitutionally sound and with certain sections of this bill being strategically taken from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science in high schools, it will ensure textbooks will be available to meet SB 554 requirements.

Critics say there are constitutional problems with such changes as SB 544; however, this is not true.

Texas and Louisiana have seen zero lawsuits and there has never been a single court ruling anywhere saying that it is illegal to scientifically critique evolution.

Previous legal challenges dealt solely with laws that taught creationism or intelligent design or tried to ban evolution.

My bill does none of those things.

Critics say measures such as SB 554 damage the state’s reputation but it’s just not factual.

That argument is without corroboration as Texans have given their students access to the information SB 554 would implement, and according to the annual CNBC America’s Top States for Business, Texas once again ranks first out of all 50 states.

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