‘#Selfie’ good for laughing out loud, dancing

Internet culture is perhaps the best and worst aspect of the Millennial generation.

Without the Internet, the world might’ve missed out on its current obsession with house cats, or — worse — we might not have had time for Sweet Brown’s bout with bronchitis.

Since the invention of the camera phone, the Internet bequeathed upon us the wondrous concept of “selfies,” a term used for a photo a person snaps of him or herself often using a cell phone and a mirror.

Once a selfie is taken, the photo is posted to online social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the entire world to see.

Playing off the ridiculousness of self-snapped photos, New York City DJs “The Chainsmokers” have created an ode to selfies in a viral music video aptly titled “#Selfie.”

In the song, a stereotypical party girl Brittany whines exhaustingly accurate one-liners against a hard-hitting electronic dance track as she and an equally airheaded companion Tiffany check their reflections in a bathroom mirror.

Among her many comedic phrases, Brittany questions whether her current fling, Jason, is sending her text messages because he’s genuinely interested in her or because he knows she’s easy.

Throughout the song, Brittany pauses to take pictures of herself, coining the caption “But first, let me take a selfie,” which has appeared under nearly almost every Instagram upload in the last month.

While the dance music itself isn’t awful, Brittany’s voice might wear some listeners down after the first few plays.

The entire song consists of Brittany’s Valley Girl banter against the dance-inducing electronic track, prompting a few good chuckles here and there while providing an overall party feel.

The most entertaining aspect of the entire video is its implementation of nearly every picture uploaded on Instagram with #Selfie as its caption.

Though I was disappointed to find none of my selfies were featured in the Chainsmokers’ video, I was entertained overall with its accuracy regarding society’s obsession with the Internet — and ourselves.

While older websurfers might not understand the significance of Brittany’s #Selfie, the younger crowd will appreciate its concept.

And for those concerned about how Brittany’s night ends up, she winds up with Jason by the end of the song … I guess she took a good selfie.

Rating: C+

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