See Something, Say Something: Reporting Suspicious Activity at OCCC

Training Officer and Community Liaison, Steven Swinford, moderated a panel on reporting crime and suspicious behavior at Oklahoma City Community College on Tuesday, Feb. 7.

What is suspicious behavior?

  • Unattended bags, taking pictures of entry ways or looking into various cars could all be examples of suspicious activity.
  • Trust your intuition. Sometimes, our bodies can assess a situation better than our minds can. Intuition is an instinctive reaction or “gut feeling.” So, if you have an inkling, report it!

What to do?

  • Be safe! Your first priority is your well-being, so get to a secure location.
  • Take notes. What is the alleged suspicious activity? What are they wearing? Ethnicity, height, tattoos? What direction were they headed in?

How to report:

  • OCCC Shield App: A free app where you can report activity by uploading a photo or video with a short description. The app has GPS technology for swift aid to your location, and FriendWatch, which allows you to track a friend to ensure they arrive at their destination safely. OCCC Shield provides prompt 24-hour connection with campus security.
  • Campus Police Direct Line: 1-405-682-7872
  • Emergency Button on campus landlines
  • Red Emergency Buttons throughout the buildings
  • Blue Emergency Call Boxes

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