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Scholarship offers $1,000 to one OCCC student

Each year the Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges (OACC) has awarded scholarships to students of Oklahoma’s community colleges. According to their website the association is made up of 14 institutions in 32 locations through out Oklahoma. This year the OACC will be awarding one OCCC student with a $1,000 tuition fee waiver.

Virgil Teter, secretary to the board of directors for OACC said, “The $1,000 tuition waiver will be in $500 increments each semester for the year.”

Teter said that the requirements for applicant students are:

Teter recommended that students “be sincere.”

“I don’t think that financial need is necessarily a consideration,” he said. “We want to give the scholarship to the person we feel will benefit the most.”

Teter is the administrative assistant to the vice president of Community Development of OCCC. He also, started working with the OACC as one of the clerical delegates from OCCC.

For more information about the OACC scholarship contact Virgil Teter at 405-682-7814 or by email vteter@occc.edu

Applications can be found at the front desk of Records and Graduations Services, the office of Community Development, or at www.oacc.onenet.net [1].