Sanuk sandals feel like soft houseshoes

Sanuks. The style of their shoes has always confused me. Why is the seam on the outside of the shoe? Are they houseshoes? Slippers for nomads?

As a strip of burlap lazily sewn to a yoga mat, they’ve always struck me as something we would make when we began running out of textiles and fine sewing machines.

++SanukSomehow they have drawn me in with their sandals. What is this sorcery?

After seeing a customer wearing them, I bought a pair of Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals two years ago. Not once have I regretted the $30 I shelled out for seemingly overpriced flip flops.

Once you figure out how to maneuver your foot through the two straps, your feet will thank you. The footbed is gel-like and firm, supposedly made from a yoga mat. This in no way motivates me to do yoga, but I think walking on a yoga mat all day should count for some sort of athletic training.

When I bought my purple zigzag pattern sandals, Sanuk was just getting started with this style. Now they come in 15 colors and 32 patterns.

I want to buy another pair but since my pair doesn’t look worn at all, I don’t have an excuse. The top of the shoe is just as durable as the bottom and the straps haven’t stretched much at all. They’ve held up extremely well for being my primary summer shoe.

My sister loved them so much that she started stealing them on a daily basis. I had to get her a lime green pair for her birthday so I could be reunited with my shoes.

The downside is they dissolve if they get wet. Only joking! But if you do get them wet, it can take an eternity (eight hours or more) for them to stop being sponges. Don’t wear them to the pool.

These also are difficult to run in so I wouldn’t advise wearing them if you’re playing a summer sport or running from a fire-breathing dragon.

Sanuk, your sandals have won my approval. But I still think you’re selling houseshoes.

Rating: A

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