Saggy pants shouldn’t be a top priority

May 3, 2011 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff Print Print

It is mind boggling that in a country where it is legal to protest during a fallen soldier’s funeral with hateful picket signs saying such things as “Thank God for dead soldiers,” it is becoming illegal in many cities and states to wear your pants at a certain angle.

The state of Florida is the latest state to bounce around the idea of passing an anti-sagging law. This law would prohibit people from wearing their pants below their waist.

Some say this law should be passed because people should always look presentable and people are tired of looking at others’ underwear on display. They say sagging britches are gang-related and reflect ill on the community.

Others feel it is targeted at a specific group of young men, that it’s racist and that the law is trampling on citizen’s first amendment rights for freedom of expression.

So, where do we draw the line?

When pondering this issue, we should ask ourselves very important questions:

When implementing this anti-sagging law are we also going to tell the goth community they can’t wear dark clothes and make up, and they must at least appear to wash their hair?

Are we going to insist that some old men to go to a tailor regularly to get their pants lengthened?

Are we going to insist that many of the hotties stop wearing hooker heels and start wearing breathable clothing?

Whether or not this law is racist or just for the greater good of man, it does infringe on an American citizen’s First Amendment rights.

There are many more important issues we as Americans need to be dealing with and until we can make a law to prohibit hateful jackasses from spitting on the graves of people who took a vow to defend this country, we need to concentrate less on sagging britches.

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