REVIEW: Whipped Bakery is the spot this holiday season

Do you want to impress your neighbors or family this holiday season?
Pick up your holiday food at Whipped Bakery Café in War Acres before you head to the feast.

The trendiest café and bakery in the metro—at 3820 N. McArthur Boulevard– is making pies, dinner and pumpkin rolls
and specialty breads among other delicious foods that are sure to make you the life of the holiday gathering.

The café opened just after the historic October ice storm, and it’s already has set social media abuzz. And it should.

Whipped offers at least a dozen types of confections, soups, sandwiches—such as Grandma Morgan’s Runza Burger– and fresh brewed specialty coffee.

Forget bringing packaged cookies from some off-the-store shelf to your
grandma. Instead buy her cookie or three which are not only fresh-baked-delicious but also the size of a small child’s face.

The bakery offers an assortment of flavors including oatmeal raisin, chocolate chipped, snickerdoodle and others.

Don’t want to take rolls to your gathering? Then take some Whipped croissants large enough that one can feed three people. Buttery and flaky, almond raspberry or filled with cherry cream cheese, they are sure to be a hit.

Of course, this is a time for most people to pinch some pennies. But nothing at the bakery is overpriced.

In fact, compared to other bakeries’ prices for offerings, you might feel like
you’re cheating the owners. All of the confections are inexpensive at Whipped. All of the sandwiches are under $9, and most are two servings’ worth.

Make your friends and family even more thankful for being in their lives by bringing food from Whipped Bakery Café.