Retro “Metroid” revolutionary for its time

The Super Nintendo classic “Super Metroid,” made in 1994, is the third game in the “Metroid” series.

Set after the original “Metroid,” and just before “Metroid: Other M,” our hero Samus goes to a research colony with the last Metroid so it can be studied. Soon after, it is stolen by an old enemy, Ridley.

You must head to planet Zebes to retrieve the baby Metroid so it cannot be bred and used as a weapon. On the way to the baby Metroid, you collect power ups and weapons along the way.

This game was very good for its time, and was hailed as the best game of all-time in 2003, though I personally found other games more engaging.

The graphics are very detailed considering the technology available at the time. The enemies are challenging, and the music is incredible.

The power up system leaves nothing to be desired, as you are required to get certain ones in order to move on with the game.

In addition, players are given different “endings” depending on how much of the game the player completes in a certain amount of time.

Given that this game was made in the mid-‘90s, the use of available technology was done very well, pushing the capabilities of the system and the player to the very limit.

If you missed out on “Super Metroid” during its heyday, you can still play the original through any Nintendo Wii using the system’s built-in Wii Shop Channel.

Although the video game ESRB rating system was not in place when “Super Metroid” was released, it would today be rated T for exposed skin and violence.

Rating: A

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