Reality show drama really nothing new

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TLC’s nearly new reality show, “All-American Muslim,” causes controversy.

Shocking? Not really.

The show follows the daily lives of five American Muslim families in Dearborn, Mich., which has one of the densest Muslim communities in the U.S.

Most simply assumed that people of the Islamic faith would like it and people of other faiths wouldn’t when, in fact, it was surprisingly a little of both, plus some.

Obviously, there are Muslims who were excited for what they viewed as a step forward for them in society, and there were non-Muslims who were concerned about their set ways being threatened.

However, there are also Muslims who are worried about the show portraying Muslims as too liberal. Meanwhile, there are non-Muslims who were intrigued to learn more of what the commotion is all really about from a source other than a biased news station.

All in all: drama.

The next thing you know, everyone’s updating their Facebook statuses, either bashing or bragging about the show on the night of its premiere.

The uprising phenomenon finally gained the attention it so badly wanted when Lowe’s, a national home improvement chain, along with other companies, decided to pull their advertising from the show after receiving some negative criticism from the Florida Family Association, a hardline evangelical group.

Facebook statuses were quickly updated, and controversy was born because of the show once again.

Many came together to either support or condemn the advertisers — one side saying all the common negative stereotypes about Muslims, while the other side debated whether it was an uncalled-for act of bigotry.

All in all: drama. Again.

Personally, I think the hubbub of it all has simply made me indifferent.

I’ve watched the show a couple of times and neither loved nor hated it. In other words, if I really want to watch Muslims being Muslims (which essentially, just like every other reality show, simply comes down to humans being humans) with a hint of controversy, I can do so pretty much anytime, anywhere — live.

Rating: B-

—Nadia J. Enchassi

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