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Reader says college needs to enforce tobacco ban, policy

December 10, 2013 Letters to the Editor Print Print

To the editor: The ban on tobacco products and their usage includes what is now known as vapors (E-Cigarettes). These vapors are not safe alternatives for the user or for the bystander despite the promotion that they are.

In recent weeks, more and more people have blatantly (and at times with a disregard for others) started using vapors indoors on campus.

That has gone unchallenged. For example, I have observed usage in meetings, classrooms, the library and the College Union.

OCCC’s Tobacco Use Policy reads: “OCCC is committed to providing its students and employees a safe and healthy environment. Because of this commitment, on August 1, 2011, smoking and the use of any tobacco products are prohibited on college property.”

College policy outlines what products are prohibited on campus. It can be found at That policy reads: “2.1.2: Smokeless Tobacco Products: e-cigarettes, chew- ing tobacco, dip, snuff, smokeless pouches, or any other form of loose leaf tobacco.”

I am also a smoker but I respect and adhere to this policy on campus as it is beneficial and fair to all. In fact, this policy has allowed me to cut back to half a cigarette or less a day.

Please help promote a safe and fair policy for all.

—Teodoro Leon III

OCCC Student

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