Radiohead delivers 37 minutes of chilled sound

February 26, 2011 Review Print Print

After all the pop culture hubris on music blogs over the last two weeks over the Grammys, it seems almost as if Radiohead released their eighth studio album, “The King of Limbs” as a response to all the chatter.

Released as a digital download or in CD & vinyl packages from, “The King of Limbs” might just be their most experimental outing to date.

Recalling previous Radiohead albums such as “Kid A” with Thom Yorke’s solo album, “The Eraser,” Radiohead mixes light percussion, ambient sounds and elements of light jazz to produce an album spanning eight tracks and 37 minutes which is both inviting, calming and chilled.

Casual listeners might be put off by some tracks such as “Morning Mr Magpie,” and “Codex,” but longtime Radiohead fanatics will know them by heart by the time this review receives publication.

Lead single “Lotus Flower” sounds like classic Radiohead songs off of “Kid A,” “In Rainbows,” and “Hail to the Thief.”

If any one band deserves the commotion of the music community this month, it certainly isn’t Lady Antebellum or even the Arcade Fire.

Radiohead deserves all of the acclaim for continuing to push boundaries and blaze trails in music.

Rating: A


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