Racial generalizations equally as offensive as racial slurs

October 8, 2010 Commentary Print Print

To the editor:

As I began reading the article “Racial Slurs Never Appropriate in College Hallways,” I was appalled by the statement made by the African-American students.

As I read on, I was even more furious towards some of the things said by the unidentified victim.

First off, I will start by saying that I am in no way defending the African-American students who made that comment.

I am an African-American student and that was by far stupidity.

However, is it fair to say that all African-Americans should be labeled the same?

The victim said, “My concern is when the group language is directed to an individual not in their group and there is no concern for how their words are being spoken.”

“That is racism at its worst.”

The victim then goes on to describe his actions, after the comment was made.

“I stopped dead in my tracks and quickly looked around for another African-American walking where we were.”

Really? Seriously? Am I the only one who thinks this also racist?

I would think and hope not.

No, my dear, in my opinion that is racism at its worst.

But the fact is none is justifiable.

From my understanding the “N” word means ‘idiot.’

When the victim heard this word, he or she turned and looked for another African-American.

It is NOT right to sweep someone else’s doorstep when your own is just as dirty.

It is not right for anyone, whether black, white or any other color or race to be considered an ‘N’ and whatever other racist names are out there.

Basically, we need to stop all the racism from every angle, because just like the victim stated, “Each and every student shares a common goal: to receive an education.”

So don’t leave the comments and slurs only out of the hallways, take them out of any and everywhere too.

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