Q&A: Dr. Kathryn Earl-Wilcox; Dean Of Online

Dr. Kathryn Earl-Wilcox became the dean of the brand new online division here at Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) in Sept. 2021.

Dean Earl-Wilcox has 25 years of experience in production management, along with 13 years in higher education as faculty, faculty development administrator, dean of academics, and director of campuses.

What brings you to OCCC?

I am an alumnus. I’m graduated from here in 2003 and ended up with all USA academic scholarships to pursue my bachelor’s at Texas A&M University.

When I was able to be a Teaching Assistant (TA) at Texas A&M, I fell in love with teaching.

After acquiring a couple of masters, I was able to get into the classroom and my passion to come back to OCCC has always been there.

This Dean of Online opportunity grows and I’m very happy to be back on our campus, feels like coming home.

What excites you the most about the school?

The passion of the students, the faculty, and the staff, all work together.

It truly is like coming home and being with family. Everybody is very student-centric and that’s part of a campus I would want to stay at.

What do you bring to the online division and the students?

I have experienced both leading online faculty and being an online faculty, and I also did my Ph.D. online.

I can offer the campus with compassion to students that are struggling with the technology and resources for the faculty to help the classroom be more engaging online.

Will there be any changes in the near future?

There will be lots of changes in the division in the near future.

We are a brand new division. So we are incorporating working with the other five divisions on campus to provide more resources available for faculty and students.

The next 2 years will be a very exciting time as we get to collaborate with the leadership and faculty to make this division successful.