‘Push’ satisfies superpower cravings

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We all at some point in time have imagined what it might be like to have super powers.

There are a lot of movies with a superhuman theme, but one such movie seems to incorporate every super power I have ever imagined and then some —“Push,” made in 2009 and directed by Paul McGuigan.

This is by far my favorite “superpower” movie. It’s set in a time where certain humans are born with nine different abilities. There are watchers, movers, pushers, bleeders, sniffs, shifters, wipers, shadows and stitches.

The two main characters are Nick (played by Chris Evans) and a 13-year-old girl Cassie (played by Dakota Fanning). Nick has moved to China and has been running from the sniffs ever since they found and killed his father, the most powerful mover the world had ever known.

A mover has telekinetic powers — the ability to move objects and create invisible barriers with his or her mind.

Nick, a second-generation mover, is a failure as a result of not practicing his powers. Because of that, his father had warned him to not do anything a watcher or a sniffer can track.

A watcher can draw pictures of the future while a sniffer uses the sense of smell to find anyone in the world and then, see events that have taken place with and around that object.

Cassie, a second-generation watcher, arrives at Nick’s apartment after two sniffers locate him.

Together, they search for a girl who has a suitcase that holds a powerful chemical that has been tested on the superhumans in an attempt to boost their power.

The only one to survive the injection is a girl by the name of Kira (played by Camilla Belle) who is a pusher. She can implant a thought into someone’s head and make that thought seem as if it is reality.

“Push” is a great movie. The visual effects are stunning. There are great fight scenes and even a little romance thrown in.

“Push” is available on Netflix DVD. It is rated PG-13.

Rating: A

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