Problems are just that

Today, I sat in front of a computer for hours thinking of what to write about for my blog. While talking to a friend, Katie Thurman, about ideas for this blog, we laughed and made all sorts of comments. Nothing we said was serious, just two girls having fun.

“I have something in my eye. I am sitting here writing with something in my eye,” I said.

“You know, you should write about that and then compare it to life, make an analogy,” Katie replied.

Brilliant, I thought. I will write about that. I am going to sit here and tell you that I am working with something in my eye. Better yet, as I explained to Katie, I am working while I have a problem, I am working with a problem! I am at work getting work done and working with my problem. It takes talent you know.

Let me get serious now, the comparison may not be the best but it got me to a start. All these co-workers and ex-workers who I have heard complain about their problems and how they just can’t be at work, came to mind.

Not just co-workers but friends as well, family even. I understand we all have problems but when it comes to work leave them at home or wherever the problem started. Do not carry it around all day.

I am tired of working with co-workers who think it is completely ok to come to work and bring their problems. I love how they think I want to hear their problems over and over again.

Point number one: the reason the problem still exists and is even happening is because as people, we let these things get to us. It should not be this way. Yes, the problem is there and may need a solution but carrying the problem around is not the solution. Let go when you are at work, use work as a getaway from your problems.

Point number two: co-workers do not want to listen to what we are going through. It is not that they may not care for us but we create images of ourselves that we may not even be. So, walk around with a smile on your face and drop the problem. Be known as a strong, happy person and not a cranky one.

Point number three: when we carry our problems around they affect us and the people around us. Problems will make you feel cranky and mad with the world. We will reflect this when talking to others and more than likely they are going to turn around and complain to someone else how you just complained to them.

Point number four: after awhile people start seeing you as the problem. It is no longer about your problems, it is now about you. It is about your attitude, your perception of life and we now know you by being a problem to us.

Point number five: problems are just that….. problems. They are there and are not going to fix themselves. However, every problem has a solution. Your, mine, his or her problem has a solution. Co-workers are not the solution.

Therefore, this brings us to our last point, number six; when at work, work with your problem. Do not let it control you but you control the problem and make it work.

I could go on and on about why bringing problems to work can affect us but my eye is starting to hurt now and so, no I’m kidding I am doing great.

In conclusion, problems are like a glass of water. If you hold it for a few seconds the problem is there. If you hold it for a few minutes it starts to weigh in. If you hold it for hours it weighs even more. If you hold it for days it weighs even much more.

What happens to your arm? It will start to hurt right? Problems do the same to your life, it will only hurt and damage it if you carry the problem around. So find a solution and move on, be happy.

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