PowerBeats benefits outweigh pitfalls

April 8, 2016 Review, Reviews Print Print

PowerBeats headphonesSix months ago one side of my Monster earbuds, which were three years old, stopped working completely.

Similar to most college students, I enjoy listening to music as I walk from class to class and even from and to my car.

I was forced to purchase new earbuds.  I already had over the ear Beats that were wireless and I loved them.

So I thought maybe I should invest in the new wireless earbuds.

I found a pair of wireless PowerBeats on sale at Target and didn’t hesitate, for even one second, to purchase them.

The great part about them , other than being wireless, is the battery lasts for multiple days if not a week or week and a half at times. This is also helpful; each 10 percent of battery lasts about an hour, if not longer, in case you forget to charge them.

The main downfall so far has been the fact that I cannot put my phone in my right pocket if I’m listening to music. And being right handed, it’s just a habit to put my phone in my right pocket.

If you decide to put your phone or music device in your right pocket, then you get to hear about every other word if you get to hear the music at all.

Every commercial I’ve seen for them, with people like LeBron James or Cam Newton, they’re working out.

I like to go shoot some balls on the soccer field or shoot hoops, and if you were to lay your phone down you could move about a foot away before they begin to cut out.

If I’m paying for wireless headphones, I would expect them to be able to withstand being a foot or two away from my phone and still be able to provide me my music.

To conclude, I love wireless headphones.

Honestly, everything wireless I own, I get great enjoyment out of.

There are a few downfalls to the PowerBeats wireless but I still get great sound quality. There’s no cord getting stuck in my car door and I don’t accidentally pull an earbud out of my ear because of a cord.

Overall, they’re good. Looking back and knowing what I know now, I don’t know if I would’ve paid full price. But these are definitely a worthwhile snag if you can find some on sale.

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