Police Investigate Death of OCCC Student

      An OCCC theater student was killed recently and police have a suspect in custody. Police say their investigation continues.

      Isaac Herrera, was known for being the oddball around the hallways, but his friends say he was different in an inspiring way.

      Shay “Rody” Orcett, a student employee at OCCC, said Herrera was the definition of someone who was proud to be in their own skin. “He knew who he was and he wasn’t afraid to flaunt it in front of people which I feel is a brave thing to do,” Orcett said.

      On his social media accounts Herrera stood against racism, supported LGBT rights, and discussed other issues he felt were important. “He was a good person who didn’t have anything bad to say about anybody,” Orcett said. “He looked for the good in everybody.”

      She said Herrera really cared about how others felt, and would listen to anyone’s problems because they were important to that person. Orcett said she wished she had the chance to get to know Herrera better while he was alive, but she’ll always remember his kind smile and his willingness to talk to her as she worked.

      Rahul Chakraborty, a digital cinema production major at OCCC, said Herrera was always happy even when he thought there was no reason to be.

      “I remember he hugged me after my dad’s death,” Chakraborty said. “We had only known each other for a few months, but he would hug me and show his sympathy after my dad passed away.”

      He said this act of generosity is what made them closer friends after taking a course with him.

      He said Isaac wasn’t into big groups of friends so he kept his distance from people, but never forgot to smile and be kind to everyone he saw. “He didn’t have many friends but he would talk to everyone,” Chakraborty said.

      Chakraborty said he was into theater but wasn’t an actor. He said Isaac cared about his art more than acting and was always supportive. “He was that one person who would never ignore me and he was always down to talk.”

      “He was one of those people who shouldn’t have faced what he faced, he didn’t deserve it.”

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