Police chief guest speaker at student meeting

Campus Police Chief James Fitzpatrick gave a rundown of the services provided by campus police at The Leadership Council meeting Oct. 4 in the College Union. Thirty-three student leaders and club representatives attended.

Fitzpatrick said campus police should be able to arrive at the scene of any incident reported on campus in “less than two minutes.”

Police officers will always be on duty, he said.

Fitzpatrick said campus police still offer all the services students have come to expect, including escorts to parking lots at night and jumping cars with dead batteries.

Fitzpatrick also mentioned the emergency function that is built into phones all across campus that allows campus police to locate the caller immediately, once the emergency button is pressed.

“These phones are placed in every classroom and office,” he said. “There are over 1,000 of them.”

At least 70 thefts are reported at OCCC a year, he said, but many of them are just lost items.

Fitzpatrick reminded students to check for missing items in the lost-and-found department in the Campus Police office on the first floor of the Main building, near the Coffee Shop.

He told students to check for things that they’ve lost right away, before they’re donated to Goodwill.

Fitzpatrick also detailed emergency procedures and how there are some parts of the building that would be safer than others in the event of an emergency.

He said more “shelter in place drills” — to be used in the case of an armed assailant — would take place in the future.

Fitzpatrick also mentioned that his department is now hiring for full-time for positions on campus.

Student Life Assistant Director Chris Shelley concluded the meeting with details about an upcoming event.

Shelley told anyone with questions about the upcoming Halloween Carnival to contact the Student Life office by calling 405-682-7523 or emailing studentlife@occc.edu.

Any other questions about TLC can be answered by TLC Chair Megan Selby. She can be reached at megan.l.selby@my.occc.edu.

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