Lost socks are like negative feelings

I was pairing up my socks, while doing laundry the other day, when I found a pink and white striped sock. The sock in question has no mate and sits in a round laundry basket all year. Why?

Because I can’t throw it away due to my fear as soon as I do the other missing sock will appear. I hold on to this sock letting it take up space when it is not contributing to my life in any way. I could have bought a new pair many times now.

I promise I am not going to blog about socks, though I did think about it. My thought for the day is why do we hold on to things in our lives when they are no longer useful or they have changed in a negative way. To elaborate that friend you have had since grade school that never answers your calls isn’t aware when something big happens in your life and only comes around when they want something.

Or the lack of self confidence you have had since you were 16, your braces and pimples are gone but you still feel lacking somehow. The anger at someone that grows and festers inside of you after they hurt you, while they don’t even remember what they said or possibly even you.

None of these things are useful or good for us yet like my sock we keep them in our lives. They become constant reminders and take up space that could be used for something new and better.

So throw out all of your mismatched “socks” and fill that space with; a new friend who is genuine and cares, a confidence that you are who you are and love it, the decision that those people aren’t worth your anger or being in your thoughts at all. Regardless what your “sock” may be don’t hold on to it due to the fear of missing out, because by then you already have.

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