People should act civilized

As the police reporter at the Pioneer I have read about campus thefts. Most of which seem to be thefts of opportunity.

An unattended laptop, a locker without a lock, belongings left unsecured. Many would say it is the victims fault for leaving their things unprotected.

I say it is the fault of our society, we think of me myself and I. So, of course, when an iPhone is sitting on a table with no one around it is taken.

My Grandfather always told me as a child if it isn’t yours don’t touch it. When did we as a people start teaching our children that if the opportunity is there it is yours?

What happened to earning what you have?

If the car is unlocked then of course it is okay to go through it and take whatever you want.

Actually, no it is not!

We have lost our respect of others and their personal property.

If you want an iPhone go buy one, don’t steal someone else’s.

If you need money get a job don’t take it out of someone’s purse they left behind.

It is not the responsibility of others to get you through life on their hard earned property.

I think it should be a given; don’t take what isn’t yours but obviously it no longer is.

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