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Building a house for the homeless or providing food for the hungry are just two of the community services students can sign up for at the volunteer fair.

The volunteer fair will run from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm on Feb. 14 in the General Dining Area and will have 25 organizations available to choose from.

Students will be given the opportunity to help different organizations around the Oklahoma City area such as The Salvation Army, the United Way, the March of Dimes, and the City Rescue Mission.

Both mechanical engineering major Rodolfo Monsivais and music major Lorrie Cobart are in the Civic Honors program and said they enjoy performing community service.

“I think it’s something that everybody should participate in, because we’re all helping each other in some capacity anyway,” Cobart said.

“It only takes a small amount of your time,” he said.

Monsivais said he likes to think of the people who he is helping by donating his time.

“I feel that I am contributing and having a part, and somehow blessing their lives with my service,” he said.

Student Life said they wish for people to get involved in the community, and hope the fair will inspire people.

“We want to use this as an opportunity for people to express their love of the community,” said Student Life Director Erin Logan.

“We really excited about it and I’m hoping we can connect a lot of students with resources that they may need or they may want to help with,” she said.

Students who are taking place in the civics honors program may find this particularly interesting, as time spent in donation to the organizations present will count towards the required hours for the civic honors program.

The program requires 50 hours of service through the school’s sources, which will be available to speak with during the volunteer fair.

For more information about the Volunteer fair, the Civic Honors program, or where to go to volunteer, call Student Life at 682-7523, or visit the civic honors website at www.occc.edu/studentLife/CivicHonors.html.

To contact Robert Bolton, email communitywriter@occc.edu.

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