Opening Day offers campus tours, door prizes

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More than 2,000 students have been invited to attend Opening Day from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday on campus, said Katie Treadwell, Service Learning and Student Life programs coordinator.

Opening Day is an event held twice a year on the Saturday before the beginning of fall and spring semesters, Treadwell said.

During Opening Day, she said, students will be able to participate in activities such as scavenger hunts and prize drawings, and receive campus tours from faculty and staff members, including OCCC President Paul Sechrist.

In addition, Treadwell said, free food and refreshments will be served to all participants.

A high definition television, Nintendo Wii video game system and OCCC T-shirts will be given away as prizes.

“We had about 350 people come out in the spring semester,” Treadwell said. “We expect more than that this time around.”

She said Opening Day provides both new and current students an opportunity to celebrate, have fun and get ready for the first day of classes.

Students are welcome to bring friends and family to the event, Treadwell said.

For more information about Opening Day, contact Student Life at 405-682-1611, ext. 7523, or visit

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