OCU offers $10,000 scholarship for business majors

Oklahoma City University is aiming to attract more business majors from OCCC to its campus on Northwest 23rd Street. To make the private school more affordable, business students at OCCC have an opportunity to obtain a Meinder’s $10,000-a-year transfer scholarship to OCU

“We would be the natural next step for a business student interested in a four-year degree,” said Steve Agee, dean of the Meinders School of Business at OCU.

A number of the transfer scholarships may be offered, said OCCC President Paul Sechrist.

“Any student who is a business major, who holds a 2.5 cumulative GPA and has completed at least 30 hours at OCCC, would be eligible for the scholarship,” Sechrist said.

When asked how many scholarships were being offered, Sechrist said he was told, at this point, there is no limit. This scholarship is brand new.

This additional $5,000 per semester would help with tuition, which runs about $12,000 a semester at OCU.

Sechrist graduated from Southern Nazarene University, a private college in Bethany, and also has experienced academic life at a large public university, the University of Oklahoma.

Sechrist noted the benefits of attending a private school.

“Generally you may find smaller classes, more interaction with professors, perhaps opportunities for international travel,” he said.

Agee said this offers a unique opportunity to grow as a business student.

“OCU provides an opportunity to work hands-on with projects and assignments that deal directly with students’ majors,” he said.

“Dr. Herman Meinders gives the investment club $100,000 for the undergraduate team to make investment decisions each year,” Agee said.

“Finance professors help work up a portfolio to invest into the market and get hands-on experience.”

OCU alum Carlos Robinson works as Admissions and Outreach adviser at OCCC. He earned his bachelor’s degree at OCU after completing his associate degree at OCCC and lent his voice of support to transferring to the private university.

“They cater to looking to how students can use scholarships, financial aid and a good GPA to get through OCU reasonably,” he said.

At OCCC Robinson served as president of the Black Student Association and chair of The (Student) Leadership Council.

Robinson explained how campus involvement is a key factor to getting admitted into OCU.

“You get more of an edge when you’re active,” he said. “Being involved helps create connections with higher-ups who really help with a good letter of recommendation to transfer to OCU.”

Additional information about OCU scholarships is posted at www.okcu.edu.

Contact Lynette Martin for admissions information by email at lmartin@okcu.edu.

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