OCCC theater, film and video students to create short film

July 6, 2010 Latest Print Print

For the first time, OCCC theater students will team up with film and video majors to create a short film.

The production, titled “Going Down,” is part of an Oklahoma Film Institute summer seminar held at OCCC until July 16.

“Going Down” will be staged in an elevator car that will be constructed for the film, said Greg Mellott, film and video production professor.

Mellott is an award-winning writer and director who received an Emmy for his documentary “Dream No Little Dream: The Life and Legacy of Robert S. Kerr.”

Ruth Charnay, Communications and the Arts department director, said she is very excited students are getting a chance to participate in the clinic.

“It just made sense to put the acting students and the film students together,” Charnay said.

She said in addition to working with Mellott, students will also work with Oscar winner Gray Frederickson, OCCC’s artist-in-residence.

Frederickson produced all three “Godfather” movies as well as “Apocalypse Now.”

Charnay said Sean Lynch, Film and Video Production Equipment Coordinator, will also assist students in their filming.

Lynch produced and co-wrote the feature film “Unsolved.”

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