OCCC Student is Miss Rodeo Oklahoma in Waiting

By: Angelo Lopez, Photographer

22-year-old journalism student Kylie Myers was recently named 2020 Miss Rodeo Oklahoma in Waiting. In January, she will take the reigns as Miss Rodeo Oklahoma. 

What is rodeo Queen?

A pageant similar to Miss Oklahoma or Miss America. However instead of having a talent portion, the talent is rodeo; horse riding.

When did you receive the title?

I competed in June and was crowned in June 8 in Woodward, Oklahoma.

What did you have to do to earn this title?

I competed against other rodeo queens in Western style horse riding, public speaking and rodeo knowledge.

How have you changed yourself for the process?

At first I was volunteering at the pageants […] but then I ran for Saint Jo Rodeo Queen in Saint Jo, Texas, and I won that in August. I took that title with me to Rodeo Queen Oklahoma. 

The most growing that I did as a person was in that year of preparing to run from being a backstage helper. It changed in that I really had to learn how to manage my work, school and personal life to be more flexible and positive

Being in control of these things really helped put things into perspective for me, and now im just working on getting ready for my year as Rodeo Queen.

Who else was involved in the competition?

It’s open to any resident of Oklahoma. 

There are different categories, so there’s Sweetheart which is for 8 year olds and younger, Princess which is teen, and the Miss division which is for 18 and older.

Was there a prize or an award given?

The organization’s mission is really to help maximise education for young women in Oklahoma. I was awarded $2,800 in scholarships.

What is the plan now in terms of moving forward?

Well my next move is to compete for Miss Rodeo America in December, and I’ll be competing against 28 other states. 

It will be an eight-day pageant, which means I’ll be competing every day for 12 hours

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