OCCC Student Featured In Hip-Hop Nutcracker Just In Time For The Holiday Season

By Zoe Taylor – Pioneer Reporter

(PIONEER) Follow Oklahoma Community College student, Judge Kabrick, as he performs in RACE Dance Company’s revamp of a Christmas classic. Kabrick will be performing in the “Hip-Hop Nutcracker” here at the Visual and Performing Arts Center Theater on Dec. 3-4.

There will be three performances of the “Hip-Hop Nutcracker.” The run will begin on Dec. 3 with a performance at 7:30 p.m. followed by two performances on Dec. 4 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. 

Kabrick is a twenty-year-old political science major here at OCCC and an Oklahoma City native. Kabrick says he started dancing at a young age to help channel the abundance of energy he had.

Judge Kabrick (Courtesy photo).

“I first started dancing when I was eight years old,” said Kabrick. “I came out of my bedroom one time that I was supposed to be cleaning and said, ‘Mom you’re gonna have to turn off the music, I’m tryna clean my room, and I just can’t stop boogying!’”  

Kabrick’s dance career started in 2009 at Everything Goes Dance Studio in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City. He danced there until he was 15 years old then applied to RACE Dance Company through their Youth and Teens Program called “RACE Academy ” in 2016. Kabrick stayed with the academy until 2019. 

Kabrick said RACE Dance Company was highly influential over his level of comfortability in the dance scene and helped him learn to control his body.

After attending an out-of-state college for a year in Wichita, Kansas, Kabrick longed to dance again and began teaching classes again in Oklahoma City during the pandemic. He currently teaches classes at Everything Goes Dance Studio.

“This year I got a second class, kindergarten, and first-grade hip hop and tap,” Kabrick said.

After regaining his familiarity with dance through teaching, Kabrick applied for RACE Dance Company as an adult and was accepted as an apprentice. 

“Which means, they think I have a lot of potentials, but I am not quite there yet,” Kabrick said.

Kabrick said being a part of RACE Dance Company is unique due to its high priority of community involvement.

“RACE is a non-profit dance company. Our goal is to bring dance into the community more because when you think of Oklahoma City, you don’t really think of dance,” said Kabrick. 

Kabrick was initially an understudy for the “Hip-Hop Nutcracker” show due to his apprentice status.  However, he was moved up to be part of the ensemble. He will perform in three dances for the show.

“Hip Hop Nutcracker,” tells the story of a young boy named Carlos and his single mother in a tale of self-discovery with a magical touch. 

“It provides a very unique perspective on the Christmas season,” Kabrick said.

Kabrick shares his excitement about the event being held at the OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center Theater.

“The theatre here is amazing. It is big, with a lot of seats, a lot of legroom between the seats, and it’s a very comfortable environment for people to see shows in.”

Tickets for the Hip-Hop Nutcracker range from 20-25 dollars and can be purchased online at occc.universitytickets.com

Kabrick urges OCCC students to attend the performance and he looks forward to showcasing the progress he’s made while expressing himself through dance.