OCCC Student Art Show On Through Jan. 29

By Caleb Barrick – Pioneer Reporter

The arts play a significant role in our world. From the personal enjoyment of one person to the stirring of an entire crowd, even to driving changes in society, OCCC recognizes the power and impact that the arts can have.

That is why OCCC prides itself in providing a rich environment for students to grow in the pursuit of their artistic careers.

The Inasmuch Foundation Gallery in the Performing Arts Center (Courtesy Photo).

One of the biggest venues for visual art students at OCCC to exhibit their work is the bi-annual Capstone Exhibition Student Art Show.

This year’s exhibition, which began Dec. 6, will remain in the Inasmuch Foundation Gallery Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Jan. 29, except for the week of Dec. 24 through Jan. 2 when campus will be closed. 

Jeremy Fineman, Professor of Visual Art Program Coordinator, spoke about the event.

“This show is bi-annual at least and sometimes runs during the summer for students who wish to complete their degree during the summer enrolled as an Independent Study. Students exhibit assignment-based artworks and personal works achieved in the past three years if they choose,” Fineman said.

Visual arts majors learn all aspects of the artistic process as well as how to become professional artists right out of the gate.

This year’s exhibition began features five student artists – Carlos Arango, Isabel Covarrubias, Emma Jun Li, Evangeline Noah, and Dillon Reseck.

“The objective is to prepare them for the professional art world and serve as their Capstone Exhibition. Students learn installation methods (held to museum standards), curatorial skills, help with lighting and take down or removal of artworks, and repairing holes in walls. Basic skills like measuring and spackle/ paint. Skills that surpass the art world and can even save their deposit on a rental property,” Fineman.

The Student Art Show Reception will take place on Dec. 17 from 6-8 p.m. in the Inasmuch Foundation Gallery in the Performing Arts Center.

(Courtesy Photo)