OCCC Recreation And Fitness Outdoor Workout Equipment Showcase

By Caleb Barrick – Pioneer Reporter

If you’re looking to find a place to get in a good workout, burn off those holiday calories, or even get some sun and a nice walk, Oklahoma City Community College Recreation and Fitness is the perfect place for you.

OCCC’s outdoor walking trail now hosts a wide variety of new exercise equipment courtesy of OCCC’s Recreation and Fitness Department.

The workout equipment on the trail had been in the works for some time and the effort was headed by Michael Shugart, OCCC’s Director of Recreation and Fitness.

“It was a two-year project, and it’s completed now and it’s for our faculty, staff, students, and the community to come down here and enjoy,” Shugart said.

Shugart gave a tour and demonstration of the equipment on the trail. Shugart noted that there were eight pieces of equipment featured on the trail.

Michael Shugart, OCCC’s Director of Recreation and Fitness, gave a tour and demonstration of the equipment on the trail (Photo by Caleb Barrick).

The equipment stations on the trail are for people thirteen years of age and older and offer a full range of exercises.

Going clockwise, the eight workout stations are:

  • Push-up station
  • Chin-up station
  • Horizontal Chin-up station
  • Parallel Bar station 
  • Body curl station
  • Sit-up Station
  • Pull-up Station
  • Monkey Bars

Each of the stations has diagrams on which muscles each station will be working out, as well as for instructions on how to properly use each piece of equipment.

Many of the stations are also wheelchair accessible.

The workout equipment combined with the mile-long walking trail is accessible to anyone and is comfortable to walk or run through at any pace that you are comfortable with.

For more information about the walking trail or the new equipment, visit occc.edu/rf/.