OCCC library the place to hang

If someone asks me where I enjoy being the most on campus, I would not hesitate to say the library.

There is always sufficient and easy-to-find material, as well as technology and study spaces readily available for students.

I spend hours at Keith Leftwich Memorial Library studying, doing assignments, relaxing, reading books, and even taking naps.

10_10_08_+page 5 Library Textbook ReserveThe library has four floors, three of which are designed mainly for student use. For students like me who don’t mind working with other people around and who don’t mind a little bit of noise, the first floor is an ideal place.

There are a number of computers on this floor which I usually use for a quick Moodle login and for conducting searches. My friends and I sometimes meet there because there are private study rooms available.

However, my favorite floor is the second floor because of things stored there — books.

Keith Leftwich Memorial LibraryI am able to find every kind of book I like there such as scary, science fiction and modern novels. Students can find numerous textbooks as well.

The second floor is especially nice for students who want to study in a quiet atmosphere as talking and loud noises are not allowed there.

Going up one more floor, there are plenty of hi-tech desktop computers with up-to-date programs installed. Most students go there to make presentations, or to do some project that requires fast and modern programs.

Checking out books at the library is so easy that I occasionally rent two to four books at one time. And if I cannot finish all of them before the due date (15 days per term), I just log in to my library online account and renew them.

It is all so convenient.

Additionally, students are able to print their papers from any computer in the library by using their online money. The online money is automatically applied for any student for each semester, $10 per semester.

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