OCCC launches online scholarship system

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On Jan. 27, the OCCC Foundation launched a new online scholarship management system through the AcademicWorks program.

Development Director Jennifer Harrison said she strongly encourages all students to visit occc.academicworks.com, as it is an easy process.

“Once they go to the website, they’ll be asked to sign up, and will then be automatically taken to a general application,” Harrison said.

“After filling that out, the system will allow students to manually apply for specific scholarships, but will also be automatically matched to scholarships that they qualify for.”

Students will also be informed online as to whether they are accepted and will be awarded at the Spring Scholarship Luncheon on April 27 in the College Union.

The new, more organized program will not only save paper but will also save time, something that is convenient to both students and the foundation, Harrison said.

Students will generally need a 2.0 G.P.A., a scanned version of their official transcript, and their student I.D. in order to apply.

Currently, there are over 30 scholarships available; however more and more scholarships will be added to the system as time progresses.

Harrison said the number of students applying for a certain scholarship, as well as the number of scholarships students can apply for is limitless.

The current general scholarship deadline is March 9.

“The really great thing about this program is that, because of the automatic matching based on the general application, students won’t miss out on scholarships they weren’t even aware about,” Harrison concluded.

For more information about the online scholarship program, contact Harrison at 405-682-1611, ext. 7771.

To contact Nadia Enchassi, email onlinewriter@occc.edu.


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