OCCC ensures college veterans are not forgotten

Tucked away at OCCC is an office staff comprised of five people that serves as the liaison between military veterans and the college, said Janis Armstrong, Veterans Services coordinator

Armstrong heads the staff in assisting veterans with their scholastic benefits and assistance packages. She said she is teamed up with five work-study students, all of whom are veterans themselves, who aid her, and the program, in any way they can.

When members of the military are discharged, they become veterans. Because of their service in the military, veterans are entitled to a certain amount of benefits, Armstrong said.

Veterans who wish to attend OCCC can go to the Veteran Services office and receive help, information and guidance towards getting their degree.

The Veterans Services office will compile the paperwork for veterans, listing all the possible benefits they are able to receive depending on their military service, Armstrong said.

The Veterans Services office also makes sure that the veterans meet certain guidelines and criteria, so they can be provided with the best benefits for their goals, while attending OCCC.

The regional Veterans Services office resides in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and the OCCC office must report all information to the Muskogee office to have it processed.

The Veterans Services office has been around for approximately 13 years, Armstrong said.

This small, but important, group is doing its part to make sure that the veteran’s experience at Oklahoma City Community College stands second to none, she said.

The Veterans Service office encourages all veterans receiving benefits to enroll early for summer and fall, and to bring their paperwork for processing as soon as possible. Armstrong said this could help avoid processing delays.

For more information, call 405-682-1611, ext. 7695, or e-mail jarmstrong@occc.edu.

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