OCCC employee retires early after car fire

July 18, 2013 Latest Print Print

After 13 years as a clerk typist for the Science and Mathematics Department at OCCC, Daisy Mitchell has retired.

Mitchell’s last day was Wednesday, June 26, said Department Dean Max Simmons in an email.

Mitchell said she decided to retire after an incident with her car left her without a ride back and forth to work.

“My car burned up,” Mitchell said. “That’s why I’m having to retire.”

She said her car had been backfiring before it caught fire.

“I drove into the parking lot and it just burst into flames.” she said.

“I had ice cream in the back of my car, and so I grabbed my ice cream and I tore in and said, ‘my car’s on fire, my car’s on fire.’”

Mitchell said she feels fortunate to be alive.

“It’s a miracle,” she said. “God had something else planned for me.”

President Paul Sechrist said Mitchell will be missed.

“Daisy has been around for a long time because she was a student here before she was an employee, so it’s like she has been a fixture of the college for many many years.”

Sechrist said it’s always sad to see those who have worked so hard and dedicated so much of their lives to OCCC decide to retire.

“It’s going to happen to all of us someday,” he said. “I am glad Daisy’s able to move on and I hope she has many days left to enjoy not having to come to work.”

Mitchell said she has enjoyed every minute at OCCC and hopes to be able to visit the college frequently.

“It’s been wonderful here,” she said. “I’ve loved every minute of it.”

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