Obama administration wrong to force birth control issue

To the Editor:

A recent ruling by the Obama administration would have faith-based organizations paying for birth control for their employees. This is seen as a landmark ruling, but ultimately [puts] the government in a dangerous position.

By forcing religious groups to partake in something they do not agree with — as this resolution most assuredly will — the question has to be asked: where will it end?

Where will the governments veritable assault on the liberties of groups and people, brought on by both Republicans and Democrats alike, stop?

We will tell you where: when they can trample over any and all who disagree with them.


The actions people take now can set up future generations to make dangerous or immoral decisions, even if the intentions of the originators are good.

Is this the America you want to live in? There is phenomenal strength in diversity of thought.

We might not like people who hold views and opinions and beliefs different from our own, and we might think of them as hippies, hillbillies, fools, or braggarts, but the fact is, their freedom of thought is what guarantees us ours.

We are not saying the current administration is purposefully doing this; it is most likely that they feel as if they are doing society a great favor, and trying to make a difference is commendable.

However, we feel there is a better way to do this.

The people who work for these religious institutions are under no obligation to continue their employment, and if the employment numbers recently released by the administration are to be believed, there might not be a better time to find new employment, especially with an organization that doesn’t stand opposed to something one might feel strongly about, like reproductive rights.

We applaud the Obama administration for trying to be fair, but this is a swing and a miss.


College Republicans

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